Get live, actionable critical data from the field on your screen
Vipimo (Swahili for measurements) refers to Upande’s IoT solutions that enable businesses to continuously and remotely monitor conditions and track assets critical to their operations.
Our solutions perfected for 10 years serve you if you are:
Water Service Provider
Eliminate non-revenue water (NRW), monitor water level, consumption, and pressure using Vipimo smart water meters and sensors.
Farm Manager
Control temperature, humidity, light intensity, and soil moisture with Vipimo sensors that monitor critical farming conditions.
Logistics & Cold Chain Manager
Monitor the temperature and humidity of goods in transit and in storage, as well as track the location and movement of vehicles using Vipimo sensors.
Domestic user
Vipimo offers a solution where property managers and households can monitor their power and water consumption as a way of verifying their supply, consumption and therefore the estimated bill for water and electricity. Users can also determine where consumption is highest and therefore adjust accordingly to save on high utility bills.
Vipimo is affordable, efficient and accurate due to little human intervention. Our local presence also means quick response times
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