Let us help you save every drop of your water, save your electricity, and every shilling, using our Vipimo smart meters and VipimoERP.

This is what smart means.

Vipimo internet-of-things (meters)

The smart meters take readings and send them to the cloud for data storage; the readings are shown on the dashboard you choose – mobile, desktop, TV, or tablet.


The IoT can be integrated with your customized VipimoERP to manage and keep all your business data.



This software / mobile application helps you manage and automate your billing, CRM, sales, assets records, water flow, and other aspects of managing water consumption in your venture or property.

How our smart metering will help you

Vipimo Water Level Sensor

Our sensor reads the level of water in your tank / reservoir, including any slight changes, and sends readings to your phone, tablet, or computer. It makes sure water never drops below a threshold without your knowledge.

Level sensor kenya
Vipimo smart domestic meter

If you need control / economy of water usage, this is your tool. It takes water flow readings (in litres per second), displays on your dashboard, and enables you to open and close valves remotely.

vipimo domestic
Vipimo bulk meter

If you are using water on an industrial scale, this meter enables you to get remote readings of flow rate. This is essential to monitoring, learning water use trends, and making decisions that economize your institution’s water use.

Vipimo water pressure sensor

As a water service provider and other service in which accuracy of water pressure is essential, this sensor enables you to get accurate and live readings on your interactive dashboard (which means you can get your readings remotely).

Water Pressure Sensor