Power Meter
single phase power meter
Upande’s Vipimo single phase power meter solution involves making existing power meters smart. This is made possible by automation of wattage readings from the meter, to a logger and into the vipimo IoT platform.
Power data is presented on the Vipimo dashboard in kilowatt hours with a pulse output of 1000pulses per kwh.
The Vipimo Single Phase Power Meter is transformational for businesses and/or operations needing control/ economy of power usage as:

  • Energy generators
  • Energy and power distributors
  • Industrial use where motor loads are low
  • Real Estates/Apartments
live monitoring – power usage
Power balancing
Threshold SMS and email alerts
iot kenya
Harnessing accurate data 24/7
cloud serve
Access to historical data and usage patterns – data is stored in cloud for future reference
Available for lease and sale is also an option. We also provide cloud data storage and dashboard services on subscription.