Solar radiation is radiant (electromagnetic) energy from the sun. It provides light and heat for the Earth and energy for photosynthesis. The three relevant bands, or ranges, along the solar radiation spectrum are ultraviolet, visible light (PAR), and infrared. PAR is the light wavelength range that is best fit for photosynthesis to occur. Photosynthesis is a process that requires light energy and optimally occurs in the 400 to 700 nanometer (nm) range.
Depending on which crop you are growing in your fields or greenhouse, you will be looking for different amounts of PAR. Knowing the PAR for your production space will help you determine whether open field production will work with your intended crop or not. Alternatively, knowing PAR will help you determine whether you require shade nets in your greenhouse, which percentage transparency, whether you need to add or remove chalk from your greenhouse.
Vipimo PAR
Upande’s Vipimo PAR sensor gives you the PAR values as often as every ten minutes from any corner of your operations. This is made possible by automation of PAR readings from the logger into the vipimo IoT platform.
PAR data is presented on the Vipimo dashboard in µmol/cm²/s. Optionally we can also provide irradiation responsivity and lux. For full agroclimatic insights, PAR data can be integrated with temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure data which we can also provide.
Photosynthetic activity
Live monitoring
Threshold SMS and email alerts
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Harnessing accurate data 24/7
cloud serve
Access to historical data and usage patterns – data is stored in cloud for future reference
Available for lease and sale is also an option. We also provide cloud data storage and dashboard services on subscription.