Smart Domestic Water Meter
vipimo domestic
Enables user to monitor and control water usage remotely; comes with a dashboard from which the meter’s valves can be opened / closed remotely.
Flow rate data is presented on the dashboard in litres per second, litres per hour, and cubic meters per hour.
Transformational for businesses / operations needing control / economy of water usage as:

  • apartments and residentials
  • water Service Providers
  • water vendors
live monitoring – water usage
Sending data at intervals set by user
Threshold SMS and email alerts
iot kenya
Harnessing accurate data 24/7
cloud serve
Access to historical data and usage patterns – data is stored in cloud for future reference
plumbing (1)
Remote water connection / disconnection
Available for lease and sale is also an option. We also provide cloud data storage and dashboard services on subscription.