Everyone agrees that data-driven farming makes agribusiness more profitable, but what does data-driven farming really entail? What does it mean, and what does it take?

Lately, the power of technology to transform business has come into sharp focus, especially because of its role in collecting and analyzing data to help farmers make smarter choices.

Today we want to bring this transformative power into clearer and sharper focus to help you see how you can reduce costs, increase revenue, and build sustainable wealth in 2020.


  • Get accurate measurements


Every condition must be optimal for you to get optimal harvest. It therefore matters how much of what you are working with. The traditional human observation methods don’t give accurate measurements.

Whether it is soil pH, temperature, humidity, moisture, or water volumes, you need pin-accuracy. Even more, being able to obtain live data would greatly enhance your efficiency, plus track conditions remotely, something very valuable for telephone farmers. 

Live actionable data feeds can help you regulate your inputs and conditions more efficiently thus ensuring optimal conditions all the time for better harvests by reducing plant stresses as much as possible. They also help you cut on monitoring and correctional costs.


  • How technology can help you


With the latest innovation you can get pin-accurate data on conditions in the field live on your screen in the comfort of your home or office. You can manage your farm from wherever you are!

We are proud to be the foremost technology firm providing smart management systems to farmers at their convenience. We have perfected the latest data collection and analysis technology to serve farmers in Africa.

soil moisture sensor


Our affordable Vipimo sensors enable farmers to see on their screens water levels, soil / air temperature, soil moisture, humidity level, light intensity, weather station parameters and the flow / volume and level of water in any system. 

Beyond accuracy and affordability, technology must be reliable. Because farmers need reliability, Vipimo sensors use stable and durable technology, and are monitored by a technical team constantly available to our clients as they are offered on a subscription basis. You as a farmer need to be using our data to optimize your farm, let us worry about keeping the monitoring system up and running 24/7/365.  



  • Reduce your losses, increase your revenue


If you are thinking about increasing your returns this year, then you must think about smart management, powered by data-driven farming. For your data to be accurate, reliable and actionable, incorporate technology in your business.

Vipimo dashboard


Needless to explain, the resulting greater efficiencies will cut your costs and increase your output and your revenue. In 2019, many farmers turned to tech and experienced tremendous growth. 


We are happy to walk with more farmers on this transformative journey in 2020 already! This year, we will push the edge even further by continuing to innovate more to help farmers transform their business. Want to walk with us?


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